Welcome 2015!

In 2014, transformation was the word of the year for me and what a transformative year it proved to be. Regardless of the ups and downs I’ve experienced during 2014, overall my experience of life has been enjoyable, and that’s probably one of last year’s great insights: you can feel good even when life is tough and everything feels messed up in the moment. It’s fascinating to experience that after forty-two years of believing the opposite.

expansion But now it’s 2015 and a new year is here (given that year as such is just a man-made construct, just like the concept of time). Ahead lies many moments of Now, and my only resolve for 2015 is rooted in the word EXPANSION.

Somebody tweeted about different concepts of integration, assimilation, inclusion, exclusion during the fall and I involved in the thread…. and suddenly the word expansion popped up, and something happened within, there was a click and things fell into place.

Since then I’ve returned time and again to that particular word, expansion, both in thinking and in conversation, even though it has yet to reach my writings. But now I am beginning to put words to my thoughts and I hope to return to the concept of expansion a number of times during the coming year.

I’m also very curious to find out what a year with the intent of EXPANSION will lead to. Do you have any resolve for the new year that is upon us, opening up one moment of Now after the other?

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