Welcome 2014!

A new year is upon us, and it’s just begun. The previous year I dedicated to school development. That took me along a path I never in my wildest imagination could have pictured. A journey that isn’t over, but will continue. And for that I am happy, since it’s one of the most developing things I’ve ever experienced, I must say!

And now, here comes 2014. Tabula rasa. Apart from what’s already jotted down in my calendar of course, barring unforeseen matters. For instance I will head across the Atlantic in less than two weeks time, for the first of a total of four meet ups with SuperCoach Academy 2014, and I can only begin to grasp what a revolutionary journey that will be. Hence I know already that the coming year will be characterized by transformation. What a voyage of discovery I face! And that’s why this is so fitting, what dearest Kit wrote to me the other day, tantalizing me:20131231-125826.jpg

That is what 2014 – to an even higher extent than 2013 – will be about, integrating myself in me. That doesn’t mean I need to change for the better, or to become something which I am not. Rather the opposite, as I see it as a continuation of the process I am currently undergoing, peeling of external layers, stopping my true self from shining through. This will lead to me being more and more myself, 100% Helena (thanks Charlotte for that!) daring to show up as the genuine me in more and more situations. Integrating myself!

What tantalizes you for the year of 2014?

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