SCA2014 Connection weekend, day four – on top of the world!

So, time for the last and final day of the second of four weekends of Supercoach Academy. A half day of class, with reflections, sharing an an exercise, and afterwards hugs and more hugs.

Went to Salisbury hotel afterwards and met up with Rachel. And man have we had a blast of a time, let me tell you! Amongst other things we went up to the Top of the rock, that is, the Rockefeller Center.


Behind me you can see the Empire State Building. Great view as you can see from this picture. From up there New York and Manhattan seem almost serene. Then I came down to street level, and the hustle and bustle of the city takes a firm grip of me again. It’s a weird feeling to be in such a vertical place as much of mid- and downtown of Manhattan is. I have been able to rest a bit from this vertical experience by going into Central Park. The nature, trees, green expanse and being able to look far ahead have been soothing.

What would happen to the residents here, if they didn’t have the ability to have some horizontal space such as Central Park provides?

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