The problem isn’t the problem!

Day three of Foundation Weekend at Supercoach Academy 2014, Michael Neill invited Cathy Casey and Mark Howard in to be our teachers. 20140121-153531.jpgHowever, he set up a public event the night before and one of the most interesting things I brought with me from that 2-hour session, was this:

20140121-151740.jpgMight be hard to decipher, but what this drawing shows, is that the problem isn’t the problem, your thinking about the problem is the problem. Do you get it?

Let’s take an example. How about, not being able to fall asleep. You lie awake at night, trying to get to sleep, tossing in turning in your bed. right. I’m sure you’ve experienced that.

Well, what happens is that you start to worry and fret about not falling asleep. And that keeps you awake, going nuts, worrying about not getting enough sleep to get thru tomorrow etc etc.

You think (worrying) about the problem (not sleeping). If you’d not worried about the not sleeping part, you’d probably either have fallen asleep, or you could have done something else during that time. Maybe read a book, or even write one, plan the weekend outing or whatever. That way you would go about your business, using this extra time awake for something or other. But worrying about not falling asleep – where will that get you?

So, do you see how the problem isn’t the problem, your thinking about the problem, the initial issue, is?

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