Day 3 Foundation Weekend, SCA2014

Started the morning doing a sample CoachWalk with my roommate, a really nice experience along the Santa Monica Beach, walking into the rising sun. Not to mention the fact that Ethan Hawke came running past us. So there’s my celebrity spotting checked off the to-to-list for my LA-visit.

At Supercoach Academy, Cathy Casey and Mark Howard have been our catalysts for the day, providing ample space for a lot of deep conversations. Lots of laughter, recognition, insights. But right now, I just feel confused. The lovely prospect of that is that my thinking will clear, like a snow globe, and then there will be clarity of mind.

Muddled mindAt least, that’s what I am counting on right now. So that’s it for me. But please tell me, what you do when you feel like you have a muddled mind?

2 thoughts on “Day 3 Foundation Weekend, SCA2014

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