Day 9 NaJoWriMoPrompt: Important or Special Numbers In Your Life

Numbers are very powerful in life. For today’s prompt, write about at least three or four different numbers that have special meaning for you. Examples include: a special year, a particular age, a specific time, a grade level number, a dollar amount, or a number of days.


So. Special numbers. Or rather. Numbers with a special meaning to me. Hm. Am I that attached to numbers? Not so sure, actually. But of course, based on happenings on a specific date, or year, it’s easy to place extra meaning upon those numbers.

Like the number seventeen. I do like the number seventeen. I’m born on the seventeenth. As is my youngest son. And my bonus-son, at that. I remember at school, always picking the number 17 if there was a number to pick. Me and hubby even got married on the 17th. Guess who picked that date?

As a teenager and young adult, I had a certain fascination with the year 2000. I wanted to have a baby that year, thinking it would be so cool to always know one’s aged, based on the current year. Turns out, I opted for the even cooler 1999, having one foot in two millennia.

numbersMy fascination with numbers actually has more to do with keeping track, logging, one after the other, increasing whatever I am tracking by one. And this is something I’ve done since I was a child. I kept track of all the books I read from January 20th 1986 until my son was born in October of 2004. I logged incoming and outgoing letters for a huge chunk of my life, but I think I let that particular habit go way before the book-logging-habit was kicked. Today, I’m logging the number of days in a row I’ve done my Seven exercise (458 days today) as well as my Headspace meditation (460 in total, but missed a day 179 days ago…). I have a certain affinity to numbered challenges (such as #NaJoWriMo for instance) where I know how long it will run and I do prefer when it is done on a daily basis. And even though I don’t keep track of my blog posts the way I did the first year of blogging, I do aim at daily blogging, which has now rendered me the proud publisher of 1063 posts on this blog. (This will be the 1064th.)

So. Numbers. This is what I came up with.
What about you – any numbers with special meaning in your life?

4 tankar på “Day 9 NaJoWriMoPrompt: Important or Special Numbers In Your Life

  1. The strife for closure. Imagine Andy’s soft British voice: ”Now, if you let go of all the counting, if you just sit there and gently be aware of days passing by without counting, without keeping track if of anything, just let it go and be aware…”

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