fritz-kola vs ginger shot

Would you rather have the fritz-kola or the ginger shot from Joe & The Juice?

fritz-kola out of Hamburg, boasting extra high coffein content

ginger shot from Joe & The Juice

For me that’s an easy choice, the ginger shot would win all days of the week, and the nights to. I’ve basically not drunk coke of any sort since I was around 12-13 or so, when we figured out that’s what made me sick to my stomach every weekend… Nowadays I barely drink any soft drinks as all though, so I’m probably not the norm nowadays.

Anyway, one of my German colleagues had a fritz-kola tonight over dinner, and I have to say, I found the design of the label quite fun. So fun that I took a picture of it, and not of the Almdudler herb lemonade that I had with my food (yup, a soft drink, but a traditionally Austrian one. And as we were eating at Tschebull, which is a fancy Austrian restaurant, I felt like giving that a go).

What would you chose, fritz-kola or the ginger shot?

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