Aqua Sphere – I love you already!

Over Christmas I got fed up with having to get myself out of the pool, swimming laps, not because my body was tired, but because my face was hurting from the swim goggles. I’d always come out of the pool looking like a badger. And that facial mark around my eyes would last for hours on end. I tried to find a photo on my phone, but you’ll just have to imagine what I look like with badger markings around my eyes. 

Anyway, I posted my frustration on Facebook, and asked for advice on what kind of goggles to get, and decided to take Rasmus up on his suggestion for Aqua Spheres from Wiggle. So. I did. Ordered a pair of Aqua Sphere Women’s Vista Clear Lens Goggles in White/Lavender.

Today I got to try them out for the first time, and I love them! From the beginning when I put them on, it was as if I couldn’t really feel them, and one kilometer and half an hour later, I still didn’t feel them. And look, there’s a fine line on my forehead, but 20 minutes later, that line is almost totally gone! 

Thank you Rasmus for the suggestion, and thank you Aqua Sphere for my new favorite swim goggles! As I am currently on the road, I have the joy of staying at a hotel with a pool, so I’ll be trying them out tomorrow again. Have you ever had problems with badger-eyes after swimming with goggles? If so, I strongly recommend you to try out a pair of these. 

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