My greatest teacher

Today my daughter turns fifteen. Fifteen years ago my life had just turned upside down as me and my then husband split up just five weeks before Alma was born. In all that turmoil, there was one thing which was rock solid regardless of the spinning motion of the world around me, and that was becoming a mother to this little person, who turned out to be Alma (whose name means soul in Spanish).Darling girl

As time went by, the turmoil slowly resided, and everyday life kicked in as we created a life together. Over time, our lives have taken new turns leading us to where we are at today. And when I look at where I am at, as a human being, knowing and looking within myself, Alma has been a pivotal person for my personal development.

Beloved AlmaSo I thank you Alma, for being my greatest teacher. I’ve learned so much together with you, and when I first started to look within myself, being the best mother to you that I am capable of being was definitely a motivating factor for me.

Besides learning a lot from being your mother, I also have a lot of fun with you, and I truly look forward to having a lot more fun with you in the days, months and years ahead.

Being a part of each others lives also means we get to ride the high’s and low’s of life together, and I cherish all of it, as it makes life so much richer. I wouldn’t trade being your mother for anything in the world.

Loka Brunn

Happy birthday, my beloved Alma!

I love you, and I am grateful every day for having you in my life. ❤


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