A question worth asking

That’s a question worth asking.

The sentence reverberated in my head…. as I realized that only because it’s a question worth asking, it does not mean, necessarily, that it’s a question worth answering.

I am extra fond of questions these days, compared to before. Or, I don’t know. It’s quite likely, now that I think of it, that a lot of my colleagues from previous work places thought I was a pain in the ass asking a lot of questions. Most likely a lot of them quite tough to answer, as I have always had a tendency to go up to system level, finding flaws and possibilities for improvement.

…if only the questions were asked, awareness raised…. then I could get going!

Perhaps once in a while, questions were not heard, deliberately, out of fear for what raised awareness might lead to?

And did I ever get frustrated when awareness was not raised. When I was speaking and writing to deaf ears and blind eyes, refusing to take it in. Like the three monkeys, holding their hands over eyes, ears and mouth.

I can imagine the unwilling recipients of words and writing desperately desired me to hold my hand over my mouth, taking on the personal of that third monkey. But nah, that’s never really been my strong suit.

question worth askingBecause sometimes it’s all in the asking! Agree?

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