Isn’t life grand?

20140327-195245.jpgAt least that’s a feeling I spend a lot of time with lately. It’s a very fleeting sensation though, it comes and goes. One second I can be in the middle of that senstion, and the other it’s lost. I do greatly enjoy it when it visits though, and I had such an experience yesterday, while out walking.

Part of the joy of life for me, is the very fact that my experience of it fluctuate so much. With every new thought there is the chance to experience new turns on the roller coaster of life – going up or down – since my feeling is a direct result of my thinking. Not too long ago, I lacked this understanding of the nature of life.And those days I chased the highs, and despised myself for falling into the lows. I rarely experience that anymore. Of that I am grateful, I must say.

However, last night, I enjoyed the grandness of life to its fullest:

Isn’t life grand?

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