What does society want?

Children should see education as an opportunity, not a straight jacket, is the heading of an article in The Telegraph.

We should look at the disjoint between what schools are producing, often by placing children under duress, and what employers, universities and, dare I say it, society wants. – Peter Tait

It’s an interesting article, and it pinpoints many of the issues we are facing within the school systems today, on a global scale, I dare say. However, I am less inclined to ask employers and universities ”what they want”, as the basis of forming a learning system, that will better serve us today. However, when it comes to society, I agree. But the thing is this: 20140225-161259.jpg My answer to that question: Society is made up of me, and you, and my kids, the neighbors, the bus drivers, janitors, brain surgeons, and so on. There isn’t any anonymous mass to point the finger to, because we all partake in the creating of the society we live in. So, since you and I are a part of society – what type of society is it that we want? When did you last ask yourself that question? And if you haven’t ever pondered it – why not start now?

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