On hatred

Do you hate?

If yes – what do you hate? Individuals? Groups of people? Food? Music? Societal structures and organizations? Behaviors? Weather? Disease? War? A sports team?

If no – how come? Why not hate?

I have stopped hating. I used to use the word a lot and also felt hatred but…
*shakes my head* it just doesn’t do me any good.

Taggtråd som skiljer oss åt

Have become more and more aware of the power the word contains, as well as the feelings and thoughts behind it, so that I very seldom, if ever, feel that hate is the word/emotion I am after.

I have a hard time to see that it serves me to hate. Rather, it creates problems all around.

“Hate, it has caused a lot of problems in the world,
but has not solved one yet.” – Maya Angelou

So I go for Maya Angelou’s take on hatred, as it sure doesn’t help to make the world a better place. And I strive towards creating a world that works!

The weird thing is, when someone says they hate one thing or the other – if questioned, they almost always back down, saying they don’t really mean hate. So why use the word hate at all?

Do you hate?

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