10/24 – Disruption will come


Don’t have a clue as to what industry Seth was actually asked about. But his answer is almost brutally straightforward, and, in my view, spot on. The question is, have you grasped this? The fact that your industry will be disrupted, I mean? Cuz it will, for sure.

We’ve seen it with the record industry, publishing, news papers, phone companies, hotels and taxi’s. Your industry is next. You won’t know when, but disruption will come.

So – how to face the disruption of an industry, without letting it engulf you as an individual?

Reflection #10 of 24 from the notes I took and the experience I had at the Seth Godin Q&A-session in London, November 2015. These reflections will constitute my Advent Calendar for 2015, and will be posted daily from December 1st to the 24th.

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