Tales of the Otori

I just finished reading the fifth book on the Tales of the Otori, by Lian Hearn (pen name of Gillian Rubinstein). I’ve read three of the five books in Swedish and the other two in English, and luckily it was not too tricky to switch languages (books 2 and 5 I read in English). I did that with the Harry Potter-series as well, and that was trickier, because of all the make-believe words, which when translated made it a wee bit hard to reference between the two languages. But here, no problem, luckily.


The first three books – Across the nightingale floor, Grass for his pillow and Brilliance of the moon – were the original trilogy, followed by the sequel The harsh cry of the heron and finally by the prequel Heaven’s net is wide. I read them in that order, and read the last pages of the prequel this morning, finally coming full circle.

To give you a clue as to how fascinating and riveting these books all were, I’m actually considering following my instinct of picking up book number one again, to start to read them all over again. I read a lot, but I can guarantee you that’s very seldom the reaction I have after finishing a book. It happens that I really don’t want a book to end, but to want to just go back from the beginning and start over… I’m not sure I’ve ever had that inclination. Have you? And if so – from what book/book series?


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