Podcast 22/52 – Life-sucking lies?

I just loved this episode from Good Life Project with Jonathan Fields, on the number one life-sucking lies that many many people listen to… me included!

Can you figure out what the number one life-sucking lie we all tell ourselves is?

I don’t have time. 

Feel familiar? Oh how many times I’ve stated that I don’t have time. But, alas, it isn’t a common phrase in my vocabulary any more. Honestly. I’ve experimented with removing phrases like I don’t have time, I’m so busy, I just don’t have space for anything else, and the like. Included in that is also a choice to replace Musts and Shoulds with Wants.

And guess what? It actually does make a difference for me. Being specific with what I want to do, as opposed to stating what I must do, does make a huge difference in how I approach that which I chose to do.

BoldomaticPost_It-s-not-the-box-that-societyIn this short GLP Riff Jonathan Fields talks about a few different ways to look at this life-sucking lie, and since I found it valuable, I take him up on his request at the end, by sharing it with you in the hope that you also find it valuable. Do you?


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