Day 90 + 1 – did you think I’d quit?

So, yesterday the Create the impossible-course ran it’s final and ninetieth day…. but surely no one actually believed I’d call it quits there, right? Oh no, I won’t quit, not until I have my sh*t together in all ways. I’ve had so much fun doing these 90 days, and I intend to keep having fun. In the physical house just two rooms remain, digitally I have more to do to come all the way, but I’ll get there. One day at a time.


Day 90 plus 1Day 90 + 1 of #cleanse4expansion – because seriously, you didn’t think I’d stop just because the Create the impossible-course ended, did you? I’m not done yet, so, #cleanse4expansion will continue. I might do it a bit differently, who knows. One thing I’ve already decided is to have wider borders on what I deem to be included in my project, like today when I’ve been working in the garden for hours, that will count as well. In a bikini top (and jeans, not just a bikini top, I promise) no less, because it’s been summer like outside today!

The day started off in a great way though, with a FB-message from a friend asking the price of the desk I posted about yesterday. And as it so happened, it was a perfect fit for them, they were moving today, had room for an office and the movers even came to…

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