Human Potential

Human Potential – big words. Fluffy words even?

Or is it just a two-word description of that which is unique to each and every one of us; my human potential being the onlyness within me. Your human potential being the onlyness within you. And we each have our very own personal onlyness.

If you are anything like me, when I think about Human Potential my mind goes in two directions:

1) What IS my human potential? What is my HIGHEST human potential? And is it static? Or constantly evolving?

2) How do I access it? How can I live up to my highest human potential?

HPcertification1I’ve had insights into both these queries these past few months. And guess what, I’ve just become a certified Human Potential assessment coach, so if you are as curious as I was, I can help you find out for yourself.

Whoaaaaa, that sounds even fluffier, doesn’t it? Finding out what my highest potential is and how I can live up to it, no way, you might think. Well. Perhaps that’s what you think. But then again, you might go, like I did: Whoa, that’s so cool, I want to try it!

This is something very special, and I am very eager to start to use this tool with a few clients. The name the Human Potential Assessment Tool is a long and kind of boring name for something that for me worked as portal (i.e a gateway to other dimensions), instantly taking me, in the company of my mentor (who was already a certified HP Assessment coach), very deep within myself. That is the invitation this tool holds.

And before you say anything, let me just stop you, right there. This is not a personality test tool. It’s not categorizing you and casting you and your results in comparison with the results of hundreds of thousands of other people…. nope. And it’s not something that will make you happy or make you live up to your full potential once you’ve done the assessment. Nothing like that. This is a self assessment tool, opening a door for transformation.

If you would like to know more about it, just let me know, and we’ll schedule a time for a conversation. A gateway to other dimensions, I mean, who wouldn’t be curious about that?

This blog post, number 10 of 100, is a part of the #blogg100 challenge currently running in Sweden

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