I’m beat. I want to go to bed. But first, I want to share a tidbit on the subject of miracles with you, before hopping into bed. I found this in the feed of a Facebook-friend, and here it is:

I believe in miracles and the miraculous.
I expect miracles and the miraculous.
I create miracles and the miraculous.
I experience miracles and the miraculous… and so can you.
You are the miracles and the miraculous…. and so am I.
Steve Hardison

imageDo you believe, expect, create and experience miracles and the miraculous? And can you feel that you are all of that? Can you see the miracle that is life? Each breath I take, each heartbeat, each blink of an eye. It’s all a miracle, and it is part of me. So yeah. At this moment, I am awestruck by the miraculous life within me, that IS me. That IS you. Do you see the miracle that is you?

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