Thanks for the visit, Serrano Cougars!

My high school friend Julie, from Lincoln, Nebraska, is someone I got to know 20+ years ago, and lost touch with a handfull of years after that. However, thanks to Facebook, we connected again a few years ago, and since she lives within driving distance of Santa Monica where I will be attending Supercoach Academy, I asked if I could come visit. I have been, since Sunday, and it’s been great!

IMG_5860Julie is a teacher at a 7th and 8th grade school called Serrano middle school, in San Bernardino, and since I am so interested in school development, I asked if I could join her for a day at work. She asked the principal, who approved it, so that’s where I spent all day Tuesday.Serrano Cougars

I see many similarities between the Swedish and US school system – and a whole bunch of differences as well, of course. The conversations I’ve had with Julie and her colleagues makes me even more determined to continue my quest for a globally changed school system though! But right now is not the time to dig into that. But more reflections will surely come.

As I write this, it’s still ”yesterday” where I am at, i.e. Tuesday, and I will just post this (on Wednesday, no less!) before going to bed. Tomorrow Julie will drive me down to Santa Monica where the real adventure starts on Thursday – Supercoach Academy here I come!

Are you gearing up for any adventures this year?

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