Part 3, Seth at On Being

Continuing my ponderings from listening to Seth Godin being interviewed by Krista Tippitt on On Being, I am reminded of the world that I believe we can create, a world that works better than today.

Seth talks about building your tribe, and he talks about tribes in a new form, where the internet helps to create tribes not limited by geography.

The challenge of our future is… are we going to connect and amplify positive tribes, that want to make things better for all of us, or are we going to degrade to warring tribes, who are willing to bring other groups down, just so they can get ahead.

Fia med knuffI believe in a world of positive tribes, a world where we help each other out, rather than compete against each other. Water, for instance, will likely be a scarce resource in the future. Should we fight fr it or collaborate? I’m not saying it will be easy to get to a world of positive tribes, but it can be done. Do you agree?

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