I guess I never stopped

While flying Norwegian to Los Angeles I was browsing the inflight magazine, and stumbled across an article about Sverker Johansson, the worlds most prolific writer, having published more than three million Wikipedia articles. Or rather, he’s done a bunch, but then he created a bot that scans databases, creating articles on the go.

Anyway, this Swede seems to be one of those people with a mind that expands in all areas at once. He has degrees in multiple fields, and said: ”From the age of five, I was curious about everything – I kept asking ‘Why?’, and I guess I never stopped.

Sverker Johansspn
I just love that, and to a certain degree regret that I did stop. Because I did. Somewhere along the line as a growing child, or a young adolecent, I stopped asking why. Luckily, I started asking that question again a few years ago, and it’s taken my life on a ride I never dreamed of.

But what can I do to get my kids back to question-mode? Because, although it pains me greatly, I think they have stopped, to a large extent… at least it seems to me as if much of their natural curiosity have disappeared (or perhaps retreated within, to a safer place, ready to come out if and when the time and setting is right?). And even though I am asking…. I really know the answer, which is for me to be my curious self. That’s the only thing I can do!

I also have a feeling it’s actually very unnatural for humankind NOT to ask questions of why, how, what for and so on. Would we have evolved as far as we have otherwise?

Oh! Wondrous thought: Would we perhaps have made an even better job of our human evolutionary endeavors if more people had kept their question-mode alive and kicking?

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