Slow down

At Tender Greens, Santa Monica, they had these pictures on the wall, with the most profound messages. I’m gonna share them with you because I think they are worthy of being shared, each and every one. This is the last one!


Slow down. Not a concept I was familiar with for the first, oh, say, 40 years of my life or so. But these last few years I am getting more and more in touch with the sensation of slowing down. Of contemplating, reflecting, breathing long and slow, not responding immediately, but allowing things and thoughts to settle down.

Do you need to slow down some?

1 tanke på “Slow down

  1. Helena, I love that you shared our art and shared your own perspective about each of them. I would like to share your comments on our Tender Greens blog. May I compile your posts into one reflection of the Jeremyville PSAs from your point of view? We would feature you as a guest blogger.

    Please email me and let me know at

    Thank you!
    Director of PR & Brand Expression
    Tender Greens

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