Smile at the world today

I have a friend who runs peace missions, as a way to spread love and create more peace. One of them is something I know he does himself. So I figured, why not!

Hence, when I was in Tallinn at the My City Hotel, just before I left my room, I got out the roll of toilet paper in use in the bathroom, rolled out a couple of meters of toilet paper, gently, very gently, grabbed a pen and wrote SMILE AT THE WORLD TODAY! on it. 20140405-144753.jpg(Quickly discovered why Micke usually have a felt pen with him, ball point wasn’t really gentle enough for the paper, so I went for my lead pen, which worked ok.)20140405-144801.jpg

Then I carefully rolled the paper back onto the roll, and put it back in it’s place. I couldn’t keep it all in, so I published a photo of my feat on Instagram as well, giving the originator of the trick his due credit.

So a big heartfelt thank you to Micke Gunnarsson, you make me play more love-pranks in the world than I’ve ever done before!

Have you ever been the creator or receiver of a love-prank?



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