I am preparing this blog post on September 11th after reading the weekly news letter from Alan Seale. He wrote about the Loving Kindness Meditation, also knows as Metta, from the Buddhist tradition, and I got curious. Luckily, my computer was at hand, and Google works like a charm for ensuring that curiosity doesn’t kill the cat.

Alan suggest the following words, but I understand that you can compose these lines with words that fit you best.

May I dwell in my heart;

May I be free from suffering;

May I be healed;

May I be at peace.

Found another blogpost on Metta, by Christine Carter, and she suggest doing this with you children:

May I be healthy and strong.

May I be happy.

May I be filled with ease.

20130911-145801.jpgStart with yourself as the focal point, after a while shifting focus to a loved one. Move on to a person you do feel neutral about, and after that shift your focus to someone with whom you have a conflict or an issue with. Move all the way out to include everyone in the universe, and conclude by going back to focusing on yourself.

I don’t know what this practice (a fem minutes per day) would do for me – but just from five minutes of googling and reading up on Metta, I’ve decided I’m gonna try it out. Rather than sit and wonder if it might or might not be something for me, I’m gonna try it, and then I’ll know for sure.

Wanna join me?

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