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Got a comment on one of my #cleanse4expansion-blog posts on Evernote, from a guy named Bryan Lee, telling me about an app linking Evernote and WordPress, making it possible to publish blog posts from Evernote. He asked if I wanted to try it out, and sure, I’m game!
He sent me an email with these instructions:
Thank you for taking your time to test out the app. I have the site up over at and for the current version only text version is supported. However I’m adding image and markdown support soon.
When your finished the signup, a new notebook will appear in your evernote.
Titled ”BlogwithPublish”
Any note written in the notebook will be sync to wordpress. This is great from live blogging.
If you are writing a long post. If you write it in another notebook and when you are done, you can drag it into the ”BlogwithPublish” and it will be published 😀
Looking forward to your feedback soon.
So, yesterday I set up my account, and now I’m trying it out, for the first time. I’m writing this from Evernote, and will see what happens once I drop the note into my BlogwithPublish-notebook.
For me, there need to be support not only for text but also for images, since this will likely be the first blog post ever on without an image of some sort. But I guess neither you nor me will die because of the lack of an image. But as you can see in the email, he’s working on adding image-support soon.
I also asked Bryan if it’s possible to link blogwith with more than one WordPress-account. For me, that would make it really useful, as I could then publish posts on several of my blogs, all working from Evernote.
I’m curious about tagging though, I guess the post will just be without WordPress-tags? What if I tag it in Evernote, you think it will pick up on that? Hm, gotta try that one out!
[Addition directly after publishing the post: No, it did not pick up on the tags I put on the note, it tagged the post with one tag, namely blogwith.]
And I guess the post will be uncategorized as well?
[Addition directly after publishing the post: Yes, the post remained uncategorized, so I have now manually corrected the categorization, as I want it to be.]
And can I delete the post from BlogwithPublish once I’ve gotten it published on my blog? I should be able to delete it from Evernote, shouldn’t I?
Wow, loads of questions! And one way to find out. Or actually two. I can try it all out, and/or Bryan can let me know in another comment. 🙂 Will just have to see what happens first.
[Addition directly after publishing the post: Blogwith did not pick up on the blank lines in the post either, except for the ones in the pasted email from Bryan himself, even though here in editing mode in WordPress it looks as if the empty lines should be visible all over. I hope this get’s fixed, because having a full post without empty lines makes it harder to read, in my view. Here’s a tip for you Bryan!]
Would you have any use for blogwith you think?

3 thoughts on “Trying out

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  2. Hello Helena
    Thank you so much for helping to test out the app.
    I have fixed the most important one 😀
    Which is the link break. Now if you type a space in Evernote, it will also be taken into consideration in WordPress.
    As for tags and categories. They will be coming soon. 😀

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