Live fully now

Someone posted this in a Facebook-group for coaches, suggesting we send this to our clients. That’s a good suggestion. But I’d rather reach out and send this to the world, because it is something we can all benefit from pondering, for a minute or two.

This constant striving, constant chase to live somewhere we are not, next year in school, next position at work, finding a soul mate, having kids, getting to the top… only to realize there’s another top, further off in the distance.

Always wanting something other than that which is now. What does this do to us humans? How does it benefit? Who does it benefit? Does it benefit?

20140418-072831.jpgWhat if… you lived fully in the now, instead.

What if… you made sure to enjoy and appreciate what’s there now, instead.

What if… we all lived fully now, instead.

What might happen then?


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