Busy busy busy – or not?

Sustainable man popped into my Facebook wall this morning while sitting on the train to Hässleholm.


Busy-words for me include all variations of stress, rushing, juggling, life puzzle, I’ve got a lot on my mind right now, I don’t know how I am gonna make it, there is no time, I just don’t have the time to do that, I’m sooo busy and so on.

I try not to use busy-words when thinking and talking about my own life. Simple as it may seem, it makes a huge difference in my life and my feelings around it. It gives me a sense of calm, regardless of how much or little I have penned into my calendar and to-do-list. It also means I prioritize more consciously, chosing what to take action on and what to leave behind.

Well, because busy-words creates thoughts and hence feelings in me that makes me feel like I am not coping. Like I am always running towards something which is always just out of reach to me. Like I am never good enough, because there’s always more things to so, places to be, people to meet etc. it makes me feel like a puppet, dancing to someone else’s tune.

Ever tried not using busy-words? What difference did it create in your life?

2 tankar på “Busy busy busy – or not?

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  2. Great reminder Helena! Thanks! I was just this morning walking around feeling a bit confused since I got a lot of different thoughts running around in my mind, and could’t really sort them out…

    And all of a sudden I realized I didn’t need to do anything about them.
    So, now I won’t need to use those words either 🙂

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