The What if-scenario

Remember my sudden increase in heart rate, when my heart went boom, boom, boom??

It’s a typical story of fear and anxiety, for something that might happen in the future, but just as likely might not.

This type of fear is in our heads. It’s thinking about the What if’s that makes us experience the feeling of fear. My What if was what if I cannot get the ESTA in time, and will miss my flight, and will not get to LA to meet my friend from my foreign exchange student year in Lincoln, Nebraska, and what if I have to buy a new plane ticket, and what a waste of money that would be!

Just thinking these thoughts made my stress level peak, and my heart start pounding, all on account of my thinking.

What if I had thought ‘So what, I’m sure the ESTA-process will work like a charm’ (which is what actually happened, remember?!)?


Have you had a What if-moment lately? Did your What if actually happen? What might have happened if you had dropped the What if-thoughts from the beginning?

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