Podcast: Ett samtal

I höstas tjoade vännen Caspian Almerud och bad om tips på personer att föra ett samtal med, i podcast-form, om olika väl valda ämnen/tema. Jag tipsade om ett antal, inklusive mig själv, inte minst för att Caspian är en spännande … Läs mer

20/24 – Podcast 51/52 – The Startup school

I am a fan of Seth Godin. I guess that isn’t a big surprise if you’ve stuck with me these past 20 days or so? I am fascinated by his mind, marvel and wonder at how it works, because he has an … Läs mer

13/52 – Podcast 50/52 – time to ship!

Searching for podcasts with Seth Godin rather than following my normal favorite podcasts has been fun, and have given me new experiences, worth following up on more. Great bonus! Many of the pods center around The Icarus Deception, which is … Läs mer

6/24 – Podcast 49/50 – Taking a risk

I didn’t want to give up recommending a podcast Sundays in December on account of the Advent Calendar I’m running with quotes from #SethinLondon, so I realized I might as well find some podcasts with Seth that I haven’t recommended … Läs mer

Podcast 46/52 – An act of rebellion

On Being. Krista Tippett in conversation with Parker Palmer and Courtney Martin. Topic: The inner life of rebellion. At this point in time, a time of terror and natural disasters, war and tyranny, people fleeing from their home and countries, from … Läs mer

Podcast 45/52 – liberated being

Short and sweet, another Good Life Project riff, on the word transformation and how it’s being used in the world of yoga, self-awareness and mindfulness. The term transformation, as it’s used in this crowd, really comes from is the sanskrit … Läs mer