Being aware – reflection #4

Last and final day of dipping my toe into being aware, as a warm-up for the Summit for Human Potential Realization, which starts tomorrow in Netherlands. It’s been a ride already, just these past four days of immersing myself into … Fortsätt läsa

Being aware – reflection #3

Am down with a cold. Feeling very unaware of most things outside of the discomfort of a sore throat, raspy cough and an aching head. But still, why not just move ahead with the reflections on being aware… Does being … Fortsätt läsa

Being aware – reflection #2

Sticking to my awareness-theme, I pick up the next set of questions from my original post. Now let’s see what I might discover today. How do you Do awareness? What a relevant question. And such a difficult question to answer. Because … Fortsätt läsa

A World of Love, konst som berör

Läste en artikel i Sydsvenskan i våras. Titeln fick mig att haja till: Patricia Piccininis skulpturer väcker avsmak och empati (tyvärr Premiuminnehåll), vilket gjorde att jag nyfiket läste vidare. Skickade frågan till en god vän om hon ville följa med till Patricia … Fortsätt läsa