Podcast 22/52 – Life-sucking lies?

I just loved this episode from Good Life Project with Jonathan Fields, on the number one life-sucking lies that many many people listen to… me included! Can you figure out what the number one life-sucking lie we all tell ourselves … Fortsätt läsa

Podcast 47/52 – Peak creative windows

Jonathan Fields points the finger on a sore spot for me, in this Good Life Project riff. How do I structure my days to ensure I work with my natural thinking and creation cycles, rather than fight ‘em? And what … Fortsätt läsa

Podcast 45/52 – liberated being

Short and sweet, another Good Life Project riff, on the word transformation and how it’s being used in the world of yoga, self-awareness and mindfulness. The term transformation, as it’s used in this crowd, really comes from is the sanskrit … Fortsätt läsa

Podcast 43/52 – How are you?

Guess what? I have a new podcast for you this week. At long last, you might think, perhaps getting fed up with On Being, Good Life Project and One You Feed, with a few others sprinkled on top these past … Fortsätt läsa

Podcast 42/52 – to hold the question

Like last weeks tip, here’s another podcast that I’ve been putting off blogging about, because it’s simply so rich that I am at a loss to find the words to write about it. It’s an episode from Good Life Project … Fortsätt läsa

DAY 2 #NAJOWRIMOPROMPT: What inspired your creative self?

Yesterday you wrote about ways you express yourself creatively. For today’s journal entry, write about you creative influences. Who and what makes you feel creative. Who and what do you draw creative inspiration from? Creative influences. Now that’s a questions I … Fortsätt läsa

Podcast 37/52 – mindblowing podcast on intelligence

Oh. Perhaps you are getting fed up with the podcast tips I’m providing every Sunday. It’s almost solely Good Life Project or On Being that I’ve featured lately. But heck, those two shows are simply so good. Honestly, if you … Fortsätt läsa

Podcast 35/52 – the big questions

Listened to Good Life Project with Jonathan Fields in conversation with Dale Partridge when I was out picking wild plums, blackberries, dewberries and hazelnuts in the recreational area just across the street from my home. Dale and Jonathan proved to … Fortsätt läsa